Day 1 Recap of 2 Day Reunion

posted Jul 15, 2017, 1:13 PM by Neal Advisory Council
Neal Kairos Community,
I asked for prayers that we could have enough guards to have a reunion this weekend. Turns out there weren't enough guards, yet prayers had been answered from our team. Thank you for praying. God allowed the prison to allow us to have the reunion today despite a lack of guards. Now the following won't be a story I tell a potential Kairos volunteer because I don't want their imagination to run wild and then they back out of volunteering due to fear. But today we were in the gym with about a hundred men in white(criminals, as the world calls them) with no guard at all with us. This isn't the first time I've not been able to see a guard, but this was the first time I knew we didn't have one. Yet not once did I feel anything but peace. The world may see a room full of scary men. I saw a room full of men seeking to grow closer to God and their fellow man. That's certainly a blessing and not something to be feared. God has blessed each of us to allow us the chance to be part of prison ministry.

I spoke with a man in white today who clearly understands the heart of Kairos. I asked him if I could pray for him. He asked for prayer for two family members, rather than himself. This is the first sign of spiritual maturity I saw from him today in our brief conversation. He has a brother (who has been in Neal before and is now currently out) who was doing good in his spiritual walk, but let his walk slip and has fallen into his cocaine addiction again. The man in white I was speaking to also asked for prayer for his sister. His sister is seeking God and has a spiritual walk with Christ but believes she doesn't need to be part of a church. His prayer request is that she find a church home to get connected with. You see, this man in white understands the heart of Kairos. It is fellowship with other believers. We Are The Church! He and I then discussed some things we both had been learning in scripture. I shared a situation where I had been reluctant to forgive someone, yet I want to be willing. I want to be like Stephen in Acts where he was able to forgive as people were stoning him to death. I desire to have that compassionate of a heart. He then shared with me how he had a conflict with a friend at Neal. He wanted to confront the friend on how the friend had wronged him. However, he sought wisdom from his Christian Kairos brothers first. After talking with them, he realized his desire to confront was actually selfish, and a healthier approach is the one he took. He forgave. Kairos Community, these men are growing closer to God. They are helping each other. They are leading others in Neal. And I have no doubt they will be leaders in their homes and communities when they are released. God is moving in the unit.

Please pray we are allowed to have our 2nd day of our 2 day kairos reunion tomorrow. Also, we didn't have many free world volunteers today. Men, please make an effort to come for even an hour tomorrow between 8:30 and noon, if you aren't already committed that entire time at your own church. It's not about me and you. It is about these men seeing their Christian community caring about them. 

Seth Trujillo

Neal Kairos Communications Coordinator

(806) 881-2916

Kairos Vision

A community spiritually freed from the effects of imprisonment reaching all impacted by incarceration, through the love, hope, and faith found in Jesus Christ.

Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison...

Hebrews 13:3