Neal Kairos 2 day Reunion

posted Jul 17, 2015, 4:48 PM by Seth Trujillo
What: Neal Kairos 2 day Reunion

Where: Neal Unit

When: Saturday AND Sunday,  July 18, Be at the gate at 7:45 a.m., will be out by noon.

Kairos Family;
  The July Reunion is apon us. Look forward to seeing everyone that can attend this weekend. I would ask for prayer for Andy and Neal Kairos #35 as the new team comes together to carry out the work that God has already set in motion for us.   

A Few Things

1. Bring Name Tags and Car Keys only !!!!!
2. Be sure to lock your vehicle and if in pickups be sure to check what you have in the back end.
3. No cell phones !!!!!

We know that the Kairos grads have worked hard on their program-- they have a segment about the rooster story and would greatly appreciate everyones attendance. See you there!!! 

Your Brother in Christ,

Casey Cameron