Reunion This Saturday

posted Aug 17, 2017, 6:09 AM by Neal Advisory Council
Kairos Community,
We invite all our female volunteers to join us in prayer for the ongoing Kairos ministry in the Neal Unit. We ask all our male volunteers to not only pray but also join us this Saturday for our monthly reunion.
When: Saturday 8:30 to noon
Where: Neal
Bring: ID and Name Badge
Don't Bring: phone, cash, wallets, weapons

Our last reunion was wonderful. One man from Neal 37 found forgiveness for the first time during the Kairos Weekend in April. God is continuing to move in his life, months later. During the July reunion, for the first time he showed empathy and compassion for the family of his victim. These are new emotions for him, only made possible by our God who is the giver of life. Our good, good Father gives us life abundantly. What a blessing it is to us volunteers to see God's ongoing process in these men's lives. Please join us this Saturday, even if only for an hour. Our presence as volunteers is a tangible sign of support from the entire Christian Family of Believers. By seeing us now, men in white are reminded that Christians are waiting with open arms when these men in white return to their communities on the outside.

Seth Trujillo

KoT Neal Communications Coordinator 

(806) 881-2916

Kairos Vision

A community spiritually freed from the effects of imprisonment reaching all impacted by incarceration, through the love, hope, and faith found in Jesus Christ.

Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison...

Hebrews 13:3