Neal 37 Prayer List

These are the most likely men to be participants on our Neal 37 Weekend. While our weekend begins on Thursday just after lunch, this list can change up to Friday Morning. Because of our volunteers will be inside Neal all day, if there are changes Friday morning, we won't be able to update this web list until Friday evening. So please pray for "all the men on this Kairos Weekend" as their actual name may not be listed.
You can still sign up to pray at
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Kairos ParticipantWeekend HostPrayer Partner
Kairos ParticipantWeekend HostPrayer Partner
Alex M Chris Melson Laura Rockholt 
Alfredo L Colton Long Anthony Sicola 
Anthony J Tony Hill Ben Emanuele 
Anthony K George Rushing Jamie Trujillo 
Anthony W Brady Clark Carl Ricks 
Anthony W Dean Cooke Virginia Sicola 
Benjamin S Andy Cortez Carl Ricks 
Billy P Ryan Jackson Gerry Nickell 
Carlos R Bennie Anderson Laura Rockholt 
Charles T Larry West Virginia Sicola 
Christopher H Tim Waechter Ricky Passmore 
Christopher R Seth Trujillo Jon Phillips 
Christopher W Mickey Ebenkamp Tricia Bailey 
Elias Y Jeff Medford Edna Zack 
Frank O Rick Reece Jared Srader 
James S Scott Reid Anthony Sicola 
Jason L Wayne Osteen Shelly Riley 
Jeromy D Chane Rockholt Jerry Potter 
John C Brian Hoffman Kaye House 
John H Tim Waechter Tricia Bailey 
John O Rick Reese Jerry Potter 
John S Andy Cortez Shelly Rilley 
Jonas L Rodney Cross Kerri Cross 
Jose G Chane Rockholt Gerry Nickell 
Jose S Tom Grant Kaye House 
Justin M Shawn Jenkins Janice Grant 
LaQuyndrik W Jonathan Fleming Casey Cameron 
Lawrence M Lee Riley Scott Schmidt 
Leamon W Wade Clay Ben Emanuele 
Phillip B James Johnson Maria Saavedra 
Ramon I Braden Gibson Maria Saavedra 
Randy W Jeff Medford Kerri Cross 
Richard K Wayne Osteen Casey Cameron 
Ricky B Coury Hampton Janice Grant 
Robert M Bryan Oliver Tom Parr 
Rodney T Doug Jesko Tom Parr 
Salvador M Terry Graham Jared Srader 
Scott W Doug Baker Jon Phillips 
Sirilo P Kenneth Cross Scott Schmidt 
Thomas C Brian Hoffman Edna Zack 
Waymon G Greg Pride Jamie Trujillo 
Zantar K Tony Hill Ricky Passmore 
Showing 42 items