Feb 10 Kairos Neal Unit Team Meeting #2 of 5

posted Feb 7, 2018, 7:01 PM by Seth Trujillo
Reminder, our next team meeting is at this Saturday (Feb 10) at Hillside Christian Church on Soncy in Room 405 from 8 AM to 12 with Lunch from noon to 1 PM.  I will provide coffee and pastries starting at 7:30 AM.  Kairos Outside will be there to share info about their ministry and serve us lunch around noon.  This is a primary fundraising activity of theirs and I ask you to consider staying for it and making a donation.  I will send the menu soon.

During the meeting, we will hear the Word, praise the Lord with our Music team, and spend some time in a spiritual exercise on God's faithfulness.  He shows me every day how faithful He is and I am blessed by His church in this ministry at every turn.  I strive to be as faithful to Him as He is to me.

The team is really taking shape, and roles are starting to fill.  If you have any special requests for me on your role in this ministry that I am unaware of please let me know soon.  We will spend some time at this meeting talking about the inside experience for new team members and the Support team will have its first meeting.  Shari will play a large part in helping me get the Support team organized and we will rely on others experience to help us with the preparation during these meetings.  Be thinking of ways you can help us gather prayer warrior commitments and general Agape so we have this weekend covered in prayer and acts of love.

Attached is some helpful team information and I will update this document as I learn more.  It's in Word so if you have trouble opening it let me know.  Page 2 has the TDCJ training information for the men who want to be able to serve inside.  I encourage those interested to call and make sure you are qualified to enter the prison if you wish to be on the inside team.  There are two training sessions before this weekend, there is one on March 29 at 10 AM at Bishop De Falco Retreat Center and the last one is the first day of our weekend, April 12 - currently scheduled at 9 AM at the NEAL UNIT.  We will ask if we can move ours to the retreat center also.

Also attached is the team application for those that have not completed one yet and would like to look over it before the next meeting.
I pray you have a good week and that we can spend time together on Saturday.  Prayers are being answered and its time to prepare for His work!

Jeff Medford

KI Neal #39 Weekend Leader

(806) 678-4450


Kairos Vision

A community spiritually freed from the effects of imprisonment reaching all impacted by incarceration, through the love, hope, and faith found in Jesus Christ.

Seth Trujillo,
Feb 7, 2018, 7:01 PM
Seth Trujillo,
Feb 7, 2018, 7:01 PM