Team Meeting #3 - Medications Update

Post date: Mar 8, 2011 4:44:14 PM

Dear Kairos Team,

This a forward from Dr.Wright. Please read and return the information to me as soon as you can.

At the next Team meeting on Friday, I will need the names of the folks needing to take medications during the day during Kairos. I will need to know the medication and dosage they need to take. This is so we can get permission from the warden to bring them into the unit. Please forward this to everyone.


Charles Wright, MD

Also, to all the new guys who don't have a name badge. I will need you to let me know Friday so I can place the order. The cost is $7.00. Otherwise you will get to wear the stylish orange volunteer name badge during the weekend.

Danny Benites, I came across a new name badge for you.