A Few Things

Post date: Mar 26, 2015 8:16:22 PM

Kairos Family;

What: Last meeting before the weekend!!!

When: This Saturday, March 28

Where: Hillside South Campus, 6901 South Bell St.

We will have snacks, coffee and drinks. Lunch will be served.

Neal Kairos #34 Weekend - April 16-19

A Few Things

1. Closing Ceremony: As I know everyone has at least one person committed to attending, I need their names and DL #s.

2. Team Fees: Please bring, if possible, your fees to this meeting so we can begin to meet our commitments.

3. Consecration Meal Thursday night April 16: Lisa Byrd is needing to know head count for this meal. You are encouraged to invite your spouse to

attend this special meal.

4. DeFalco: If you are planning on sleeping at DeFalco we need to know your intentions. I will have a sign up list at the meeting.

5. Children Agape: Very important and meaningfull for the men in white.

6. 42 Letters : Time is approaching!!!

7. Pay-Pray-Pray: The most important (A few things) of all! For our team (to carry out God's will), the 42 men in white (prepare their hearts & minds), myself (for wisdom & guidance) and that through His Body the Neal Kairos #34 team will bring Him glory.

Your Fellow Servant in Christ,

Casey Cameron