Agape Letters

Post date: Mar 1, 2015 9:27:02 PM

Kairos Kin,

Our April Kairos weekend is nearer than it appears, only 46 days from March 1st! Remember the 42 handwritten letters you need for the 42 pilgrims!

Worn down and tired is the Inside team guy who waits until the weekend to write his letters at De Falco! Likely his hand will cramp, and his pen may fail in the wee hours Saturday AM!

Distressed and distracted is the De Falco team person who waits until the weekend to write their letters! They are unavailable to help bag the cookies and slice and dice and chop.

Blessed is the team who arrives at De Falco with letters (and envelopes!) ready for addressing! They shall enjoy early bedtimes and the opportunity to be fully attentive during talks, chapel, and sharing times at the Neal Unit and the opportunity to be fully engaged in the devotional and preparation activities at De Falco!

If you start Sunday, March 1, you could write one letter each day, take Easter weekend off, and be finished on Wednesday before Kairos starts!

We encourage you to pray before each letter for the Holy Spirit's guidance on what that man in white needs to read. The Spirit of God knows exactly who that letter will end up with. He knows that man in white's life story, heart, and His plans for the man's future. Trust in our God and write to that man in white what the Spirit places on your heart and mind.

Love Love

Kairos Advisory Council