Agape with CHANGES Effective This Walk

Post date: Mar 26, 2015 12:06:48 AM

From the Kairos Program Manual, (p III-33):

"The Kairos Weekend is surrounded by Agape--the unconditional love of Christ, delivered by the people of Christ.

...Agape as used in Kairos is the offering of unconditional love to another person with no expectation

of receiving anything in return..."

(p III-34):

"...An invisible expression of this Agape love is intercessory prayer offered by the Team and the larger Christian Community toward Participants on a Kairos weekend...

...Visible signs and expression of Agape love come to Kairos in the form of prayer commitments, letters, posters, place-mats, food, cookies, donations, and other sacrificial acts of kindness and gentleness..."

Remember your team donation for the purchase of food, cookies, and other consumables. The Support/Agape/De Falco team must confirm the cookie order of $2,500, purchase food/consumables for $3,500(approximately) , and be funded to pay the De Falco facility rental of almost $5,000 in the next few days. BelMar Bakery can't make more than a thousand-dozen cookies overnight, and there's no time to shop for ingredients for about a thousand food servings once the weekend begins. These things must be done in advance!

Remember family Posters(sheet-size, 8 1/2 x 11) to be presented during the You Are Not Alone talk on Friday. The family posters are new this time; they will replace the hand-print poster that has been done in the past. Inside and Support team members please bring (at least) one sheet with tracings (or paint/ink hand prints) of spouse/children/grandkids' hands with a scripture or word of encourage and their names and ages (kids' ages, of course!). No photographs, stickers or glitter.Turn in family posters Thursday evening or Friday morning of the weekend.

Remember to circulate your copy of the Prayer Vigil. If yours is complete, please bring it to the team meeting Saturday at the earliest and Thursday noonof the weekend at the latest for the Support/Agape/De Falco team to prepare the prayer chains.

Remember your 42 Letters (and 42 envelopes) for the participants.

Remember children's Posters(sheet-size, 8 1/2 x 11) from Sunday School, Awana, other children's groups. No stickers or glitter.


Wise men (and women!) have said, "God is in the details." Please attend to these details so that Kairos #34 will be surrounded by Agape!

Neal Team Advisory Council