January 28th, 2016

Post date: Feb 28, 2016 10:06:56 PM

Kairos Team,

A couple of the team ladies are cooking breakfast for you this Saturday! There will be sweet (Shelly's cinnamon rolls!!) and savory (Bethany's breakfast burritos!!) so please don't be late to the serving table--first come, first served!!

Kairos Outside is preparing your lunch as part of their fund raising. Remember, Kairos Outside provides their weekends to the guests at no cost, and each weekend costs approximately $10,000.00.

They will prepare lunch for the entire team so plan to stay, eat, and support this sister ministry. We don't want to cause them to lose money in a fund raising effort!!

Please arrive on time and stay throughout the meeting to respect the preparation and efforts Andy and others have made. We'll come to recognize each other "in the breaking of the bread," and prepare for the weekend at the same time!

Love, love,

Patricia Wright

Support Team