All Aboard!!!

Post date: Sep 22, 2016 3:34:32 PM

Good afternoon Church!

This Saturday at 8:30 will be our last meeting. More than anything I need you to be there. Most of you who have talks have confirmed to me that you are ready but if you haven't please let me know. We should have 6 talks to review so we definitely need people present to review them.

If this is your FIRST kairos and you haven't filled out a TDCJ form, I need it, or, at the very least I need your DL Number and your name as it appears on your license.

If you have anyone to add to the closing list I need their name and license number.

We need your team fee, or to make arrangements.

Most of all I need you to pray. I need you to pray for the participants, for the institution, for the volunteers, and for me and Shaina. As we attempt to sew seeds of good on fertile ground, evil will attack, with storms, doubt, and obstacles. Pray for protection, clarity, and focus as we approach October.

Beautiful are the feet that bring good news. God bless you servant. See you soon.

Nick Weisgerber