Reminders and Info

Post date: Sep 27, 2016 1:30:37 PM

Hello family.

I just wanted to share a little bit as we head into this last team meeting and then on to the Kairos Weekend. IT might be longer, actually it IS CERTAINLY longer than Nick’s emails, so just go with it. J Life is busy. If anyone understands this, we do. So let me issue a challenge to you all. For the minute or so that it takes you to read this email, add a couple of minutes after you read it to just simply lift up the weekend. If you would lift up the team, the men in white, the unit, the staff at the unit, the logistics that it takes to run the weekend, for the De Falco staff, etc. Just lift up these things and ask God to have his way.

Nick and I are so very thankful for your commitment to this team, but beyond that, to the Lord. We know that it takes sacrifice to make it happen. We understand how difficult it can be to “make it work”. I have been guilty of this the last month or so with Kairos. How are we going to make it all work? Whether it be our girls and their needs with school/sleeping arrangements/rides/etc. or all the endless lists and paperwork to weed through and prepare, groceries to buy, SO many details that so many have no idea about. God gently reminds me that I don’t have to make it work, he already has it planned out. He knows all that has to get done, all the needs we have in our families, the ailments our bodies suffer, the things we struggle with, our jobs, activities, even other ministries. We know that God is going to provide and make a way when we think there is no way. I know that God is using the things we think are in the way, to actually force us to depend on him more, to rely on his strength and trust that in our weakness (our struggle) he truly is strong. He’s got this. He’s good. He’s aware and He is making the way.

I have a few things I wanted to remind you all of:

Writing letters yet? I haven’t haha! I’m telling you when I say things are busy, I’m not lying. Things are nuts. The letters are so special though and I know that getting those done will be a huge blessing to so many of the men in white. Just a shout out to anyone who isn’t done yet or hasn’t started. Solidarity. J

Team Fees- Money. The enemy uses it to stress us out, get us frustrated and over all upset. We either don’t have enough or we’re trying to save some. Team fees are never meant to stress you out or frustrate you. Team fees are just a part of the ministry. We obviously feed 50+ people 3 meals a day for basically 3 days. It takes funds to buy food, it takes money to buy cookies, it takes money to rent De Falco. God wants us to serve and it seems like giving of our precious time would be enough, but I know he is asking us to trust him and serve with our money as well. Some families are struggling desperately and God knows that. Some families are doing well and are not struggling and can give a bit extra. Wherever you find yourself and your family, be obedient. God will bless you beyond the team fee for trusting and obeying Him with the money. If the team fee is an absolute issue, please don’t let it hinder you from working. Just also, trust and ask for God to have his way and make his way with each detail. J

$320 – couple $185 – single person

Kids Agape Letters- please bring colored pages/letters from children. No stickers, no glue, glitter, etc. First names only. God uses these precious letters to bring love to the men in white.

Meal Cards- If you have taken meal tickets to get sponsored, please bring those with you Saturday to the meeting. You can bring them to the actual weekend as well. We still have some left if you want to get more this weekend and get more sponsorships before the Kairos. We suggest $5.00 donation per card.

Consecration Meal- THURSDAY night of the Kairos, when the team comes back from the unit. We will be having Mexican Pile On. We try to include this meal in the team fee, but any donations will not be turned away. We will have a nice time of eating together and then a time of prayer for the men in white and the team following the meal.

THIS MEAL IS FOR YOU AND IF YOU HAVE A SPOUSE. PLEASE INVITE AND ENCOURAGE YOUR SPOUSE TO ATTEND THIS MEAL AND PRAYER TIME. I am still waiting to hear back on a possible childcare situation and I will inform you of that as soon as I have it lined out in detail.

TDCJ Training: Thursday of the Kairos at De Falco. 10:00am. Please check online to see if you are eligible to take it online. That is an easy way to get your training done. That is only available every other time you need the training, so attend the training at De Falco otherwise.

Nick and I are so very thankful for you. We are here for you if we can do anything or pray for you, please let us know.

Thank you for serving. Thank you for being who you are. We look forward to Saturday and then the Kairos weekend ahead!


Shaina Weisgerber