Support Team

Post date: Aug 18, 2016 2:04:25 PM

Hello Team!

I hope and pray that this week is a blessing for you! As we prepare for the next couple of team meetings, I want to encourage you to be present as much as possible, ESPECIALLY if you are going to be on our outside support team. If you are going to be on our support team, which means you will volunteer at De Falco in ANY capacity over the course of the Kairos weekend, please be at our next few team meetings. We will engage in the team building aspects of the beginning part of each meeting and then there will be a couple of hours for our outside team to gather in order to go over the entire weekend, explain some processes, work on agape, spend time together in prayer and encouraging each other in our walks with Christ as well as our preparations for the Kairos.

Team, if you or your spouse, your friend or co-worker, etc have any questions at all, any reservations about the weekend, any needs at all, please let Nick or myself know! We are HERE FOR YOU! We want to help pave the way for this weekend to be an amazing experience for you individually and for your marriage and family as you pour yourselves out in service to the Lord. This is a ministry that is generational and it can be a big blessing to you and your spouse.

I am here for y'all in any way I can be to help with any confusion, questions, concerns, etc.

Guys of the team, please encourage your wives. Please let them know there is a place for you and her in this ministry. TOGETHER. We would be so honored to serve alongside.

Last, please be on the lookout for information regarding our Consecration Meal. I will be explaining this and giving you more details as we get closer to the weekend. The meal is a special time as a team to break bread together, enjoy each others' company and fellowship and then begin the weekend off in a special time of prayer and worship. Please know now that if your spouse cannot attend the weekend to serve, we want them at the consecration meal especially! This is a beautiful time of togetherness and we can't wait to enjoy it together.

If you need meal cards for fundraising please let me know. I have some tshirts left as well! ($10)

Please bring part of or all of your team fee to the next few meetings.

We love you and pray blessing and wellness over you all!

Shaina Weisgerber