Potluck Team Meeting

Post date: Feb 14, 2017 3:31:10 AM

Neal 37 Team,

Thank you so much for giving of yourselves. It is truly humbling to serve with yall. A few minutes ago, I was mailing out the devotion for tomorrow. It spoke of agape love versus eros love. I must be honest; my selfishness has me giving at times out of eros. I like my "atta boys" and pats on the back. It makes me feel good. Please keep me in your prayers. I ask that God change my heart to love selflessly as Jesus does.

I am excited for our next team meeting! We will begin the day at 7:45am with Kairos Torch serving us breakfast. If the Lord leads you, bring green agape(cash) to support their program. Our focus for our fourth team meeting will be Encountering Others. This seems like the perfect time to have a potluck lunch!

We can all sign up for what we are bringing. This will keep us from getting 30 buckets of chicken and no desserts Sign up at http://www.perfectpotluck.com/meals.php?t=HVFG2279

Our Kitchen Team Leader, Jerry Potter, will help keep things warm or cold as needed.

Seth Trujillo

Neal 37 weekend leader

(806) 881-2916