TX Food Handlers Certificate

Post date: Feb 18, 2017 11:59:59 PM

As part of our agreement with De Falco, anyone in the kitchen will have a Texas Food Handlers Certificate. We have a few options. If you get a food handlers certificate from an online course, make sure it says it is a TEXAS food handlers certificate. I looked online today and found several websites that have both the food handlers certificate and TEXAS food handlers certificate. Be sure you have the TEXAS one. Below are some options:

This one is $10 and has no test.


This one is $8 and you pay after passing the test.


This one is $7 but make sure you get the Texas course.


This one is $8 and can mail you your certificate for an additional $5 if you don't have a printer.


And if you prefer an offline, in person training, then go to the Simms Building at 808 S. Buchanan St. in Amarillo, TX. Upon completion of the class and a passing grade on the exam you get your certificate. They offer classes on first and last Friday of every month. The cost is $20.